Ironworkers Local 97

Ironworkers Local 97 is a representative of Ironworkers in BC and the Yukon. They were formed in 1906 and work to help their members improved working conditions, wages, and benefits

Ironworkers Local 720

Ironworkers Local 720 has been operating since 1948 to help ironworkers throughout North America maintain a high standard of living through improving job opportunities, maintaining a high standard of workplaces safety, and by assisting individuals with career progression

The Certified Welding Bureau

The CWB Group is an organization that provides welding certifications, regulations, and training programs. They are seen to be one of the largest and most innovative welding organizations in the world


CMAW stands for the Construction Maintenance and Allied Workers Canada. It is a union of construction and industrial workers representing over 7000 members in British Columbia


The Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia, operating as WorkSafeBC, is a statutory agency that came into existence in 1917, after the provincial legislature put into force legislation passed in 1902.


Avetta provides organizations with the ability to perform pre-qualification checks on suppliers prior to procurement to verify insurance, training, and performance

Gravitec Systems Inc.

Gravitec Systems provides equipment, training, and engineering for fall arrest and fall protection. Their team has a diverse background from military, safety, climbing, and fire fighting

Sparwood Office & Shops

200 & 210 Industrial Road 1
Sparwood, BC V0B 2G1

Phone: 250-425-2205

Sparwood Office & Shops:

200 & 210 Industrial Road 1
Sparwood, BC V0B 2G1

Phone: 250-425-2205